New Procedure Helps Younger Patient Get Pain Relief
and Hold Off for Age Appropriate Hip Replacement

For four years, Kimberly Madden suffered with unbearable pain in her right hip. At 47, she’s really too young for a hip replacement and orthopedic surgeons prefer to have patents hold off until they are older if possible.
“The pain was unreal. It was unmanageable by any drug,” said Madden who is a veterinary assistant and works as a floor supervisor at the Animal Samaritans Veterinary Clinic in Thousand Palms. “Most days I could hardly walk and then when I got done with work, I would
just cry and by the time I got home, I really couldn’t walk.”
Part of the reason for her delay in treatment had to do with insurance.
“I had multiple MRIs and an HMO that was not cooperative. Then I changed to a PPO in hopes I would find someone who could help me,” she said. Madden lives in Flamingo Heights near Landers, Calif. and a Yucca Valley physician referred her to orthopedic surgeon Sydney
Pardino, M.D. at the Institute of Clinical Orthopedics and Neurosciences at Desert Regional Medical Center.
“Because I’m too young for a hip replacement, based on my age and MRI, Dr. Pardino said he could help me – not heal me – but help get me to a more appropriate age for a hip replacement,” said Madden who has piled holes in the acetabulum and arthritic wear that can’t ultimately be fixed without a hip replacement.
Dr. Pardino performed an arthroscopic debridement of Madden’s hip in July 2014 – cleaning the labrum and femoral head which had a lesion on it.


Sandra Turgeon
Happy with Hip and Knee Replacement

Also Enjoying Benefit of Leg Length and Knock-Knee Correction
As Side Benefit of Surgery

Sandra Turgeon, 65 of Thousand Palms, has had her share of surgeries. Due to a workplace injury in 1999 when she slipped off a wheeled office chair causing a vertebra to slip, she’s had four back surgeries and has been on permanent disability since 2003. Her back pain is currently managed by an installed pain pump.
So when her right hip and knee started hurting her, this pain just added to an already tough life situation. She turned to Dr. Sydney Pardino for the hope of relief that joint replacement can bring.
In 2009, after the last back surgery, she kept complaining of pain and stating that something else must be wrong. Her primary care physician finally sent her to an orthopedic specialist who told her she needed a hip replacement. She then came to
Dr. Sydney Pardino for a second opinion and he confirmed that diagnosis.

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